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Simple, scalable and secure management platform for growing gaming guilds

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THE ULTIMATE guild operating system

GuildOS makes it easy to onboard, pay and motivate your players

Easy scholar onboarding

Bulk import thousands of scholars via CSV or Excel spreadsheets uploads into your guild without ever skipping a beat.

Automate tasks on-chain

Claim daily earnings and payout automatically while managing thousands of wallets on-chain. Say goodbye to missing rewards or assets and reclaim your time.

Move assets securely

Shift valuable NFT-assets between wallets instantly at scale. No more forgetting where you left that idle Axie team.


Bring scholars together in one place.

Catalogued scholar information means never losing wallet addresses and knowing who your best players are at all times.

on-chain compatible

Deep insights directly from the blockchain

Accurate high-level historical performance data for guild managers to make informed decisions.

With growing support across popular chains:

One click to pay them all

Payroll is a nightmare for most guilds. GuildOS enables accurate profit-sharing to thousands of scholars.


Manage across various games

New, profitable games added and updated periodically letting guild owners expand their horizons into the next big GameFi opportunities.

and more...

And so much more...

Managing your guild is complex. GuildOS removes admin and technological obstacles to grow your guild faster.

Improve guild performance

Monitor the health of your guild on-the-fly identify winning strategies and spot issues before they compound.

Save days of admin hassle

Automations in payroll, reward claims and onboarding means more time reclaimed for you to scale your guild.

Your keys are safe

GuildOS maintains the security of your wallets and assets while letting you interact with various chains effortlessly.

Keep scholars happy & humming

Configuring incentivies and profit sharing percentages only take a few clicks and help retain scholars for the long-term.

GuildOS will be a critical component to supporting the rapidly growing ecosystem of games, guilds and players in Web 3.0
Brian Lee, Partner, Alameda Research
The demand for an operating system for guilds is screaming, these guys are hands down the best people to build it.

Make more money, not spreadsheets

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